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Why is it that people have stopped talking about Kevin Curtis? Who is he you ask? He is the dude that sent ricin in a letter to Obama. People have locked on to the Boston bombing story and believe these 2 men have done it without any evidence to prove it other than that they were at the marathon and that they believed 9/11 was an inside job. Is that really enough evidence to state someone set off a bomb? I believe that a long with thousands of other Muslims and non-Muslims. I’m not saying they are innocent but what happened to innocent until proven guilty? How can you refer to someone as an enemy combatant without concrete evidence to say they did it? What if they were just there and they needed someone to blame? Does being Muslim automatically mean you are a suspect? Another Muslim man who was at the marathon but ran as he got hit by shrapnel was pinned down by people because he may have been a suspect. When did this become ok? However, we have a White man who they have evidence against to say he sent ricin to Obama and a senator but we are no longer discussing it. To the Americans out there, is he still in the news?

Watch this video and tell me whether you still believe the Tsarnaev brothers did it.

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